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The materialism of the universe..? or scientists ?

‘Scientists’ are believers aswell.

They believe in i.e. string theory, or chaos theory, or united field, or loop quantum…. etc.
Same goes for missing links.

But what about materialism? Many scientists speak like earth, the solar system and the universe are ‘ human’  that these ‘ body’s’ made choices throughout the millenia’s.
Birds that adapted.. others speculate(!) what worked survived, the rest perished. So many animals and pre-human species had lot’s of variants to begin with, paradox.

But back to materialism, ‘ the kosmos does not waste a thing.’  recycling all over, many scientists say. Some are also open to believe, a maker or makers.
Some are closes-minded, programmed to believe, to only believe what is told at school/university/books, there can be nothing if it can not been seen and re-produced.
This has allways been so, except for things scientists did not believe in. But here we are, 2014, scientists know, opposed to their predecessors,  “it”  does exist / how it works / how it can be made or broken etc. paradox.
They also say if atom this and atom that hit each other they…. perish.. paradox.

Now for the human part, humans are intelligent, well we think so anyways.
When someone dies, and I am speaking of a beloved one, not even really sick but of old age and ‘worn out parts’ then something, or better, SOMEONE,  is ripped out of the cosmos.

Like a driver that abandons his car and dumps it in a lake.  Unfound, the car will not be used again for what it is mad for.
Yes it is simply said a bunch of iron and plastic not is use, decaying, but it is also an economical financial loss, the car itself, no more petrol buying, insurance and taxes that stop, no more replaceing i.e. damaged windshields etc.
For some scientists the saying all is matter, and i.e. electra , those 2 make nightmares sometimes? You can not make a loop from electra-wire, put electa on it, and it will ride and ride the loop like a (steam-)train.

Also an expanding universe is not likely to retract solar systems that are further apart. It makes laws of gravity weaker. Well not the law, there is just lesser and lesser matter that ‘ seek’  each other due to gravity.

Vote Ballots, vote-computers and/or scanners, WHY !?

Vote Ballots, vote-computers and/or scanners.
In Belgium (europe, across the north sea from england/ireland) people may practice on the votecomputers.
Previous it went sour, south, bad, with the elections, long lines of waiting people, many vote pc’s with error or ‘frozen’.

Yeah, ICT anno 2014 is not that much different then when darpa net, or the moon travels started.
A personal or other computer is an electronic calculator, BUT it depends on MANY hardware components AND software with human made errors in it.
Or a combination of both that just occurs. Or people that tampered with the votingmachines, such happend in all country’s and in all was said : 100% fullproof non-manipulable.

Question: (for non pure-gamblers, but pure sports lovers) do you want to scrap the matches, and just read/hear the outcome of games?

Election night is a fun event for many, in europe. People dont want an voters-outcome a second later after the places to vote close.
We want to see the game, the aftermath, and why do politicians suddenly want to loose all these hours of free publicity!???

In the Netherlands the real official outcome is weeks later anyways !! so why the rush in the first day??
This is for, amongst other things, eventual fraud detection and corrections.

In the netherlands many politicians are ‘older’ and many are ‘digibeet’ thats like illiterate but with pc’s.
But after experts won on many occasions and the people did not trust the democratic process no more, they went in exile, bij law.

Now the mayors are put in place to lobby and repeating in media ‘we need vote computers, we want vote computers, vote computers are good’  They even lent themselves for another weird ‘campaign’, to downspin cash, and uplift e-paying…

Now we are a modern country, very dense and high speed internet connections, that almost all have.
Children learned the basics at school, windows, mac, ubuntu, android(tablets)….
But they are not taught not what it is that happens if something goes wrong, how that is possible and how many reasons there are why it happened.

So please believe the ones that cAn know, experts, they warn the basics of our democratic(…) system is in jeopardy and this should be kept simple, pencil and paper it is.

PS: on tv, last elections, vote-counters walked up to a man with a tablet (not protocol, not what was ment to be!!)
and that man was not under supervision. Also the vote-counter just read out loud what was on the paper, again, no control on that either.
Next day i thought, media, tv, radio, investigations, politicians in interviews, ….. NOTHING….

Another, but this is perhaps…, weird thing was, a minister mis-spoke a very far seeked, but not impossible error.
He did not start with the name of our kabinet, ‘Rutte’, but with kabinet Asscher….. Asscher is ‘just a sub minister’ and the second or third of his party (PVDA)
Now PVDA had HUGE losses all over the country, forth time in a row. But once long ago they where a HUGE party, so even it is shrinking, they are still here. Have influence.

Our capital, Amsterdam was a PVDA managed city for over 40 years.
Since last elections… no more. Due to many pvda-politician scandals AND there policies in the national politic.
So local, and the county chambers (first and second ‘room’, i.e. commission and the real voters for yes no or neutral on new laws) have failed to many people, and thus lost many voters.

When the vote computers are here again, will the pvda rise like phoenix ? That would be very strange.

On the other hand, politics is a long term power-play, the first election with vote computers they should keep it clean.  Recount by hand, every station with a smuch.
The second elections everyone has forgotten to think what they are dealing with….

Or simply said: do we deserve the leaders we ‘chose’?



The imo TO positive thinking about having your own power of steps

I quote from a website and in between ((my own thoughts about it))  : (Lost link in auto-cleanup browser)

“Well, it may look like that, but we forget about one variable. Us! We are the product of matter and energy as everything else but we are also the “god of our own matter and energy”.

(( way way way to strong, to outspoken.  If so we would not be ill, we should not have diseases.))

We are entire universe for its own and we choose how it will develop.

(( Well… there are nearby bigger planets that define our trajectory, called amongst other things, nursing, where are we born, what kind of parents do we have, healthcare, schools, friends etc.))

The only freedom of choice we have is the choices of what we believe and what has meaning for us.

((Some people do have that, i do not know the exact name but it is stated as a psychological disorder.))
((In a certain way, on the surface, it is true i guess. Who do we let be friends, who not. Do we take the bike to work or the car, such little things.)) that can be big ‘for the world’))

If we choose our beliefs carefully and decide what will have meaning for us, we control what our thoughts will be shaped into, therefore, what our actions will be, and what our reality will become.

((Well, writer, did you knew this would be made, was this 1 intention, or just a by-product? People work SO hard to get in just a portion of just a reality, that if it does not work out, also due to other people there ‘i want’s” or i.e. a tornado, they end there kosmos with a simple gesture… They might jump in to a running train, or big truck, leaving at least the driver in bad shape. On the other hand, if you chose to drive a train, truck, rent out houses, you might be a facilitator in suicide? no to absurd.))

We are Matter and Energy that creates and shapes Matter and Energy.

((resulting in war’s, city chaos’s, (un-)wanted children, better weapons, earning money due to others being sick, or not earning money but get all expensive’s paid for helping people… etc) )

Decide what your purpose is,
((many do not know that, or change it 10 times in 1 year))

what your vision is and what your dreams are, choose the beliefs that will help you the most on your way to achieving them, and take action to make them reality.
So now, what is reality? The answer is: Reality is what you decide and make it to be. You create your own reality!”


The writer has point,

if we are alone on the world. And even then a lion could have other plans.
It might have had a higher chance of succeeding if we all let others be, help them and at the same to do not interfere…

Reality view imo : row with the peddles you have got and make the best of it, hope for a minimum of negative ‘incoming meteors’ on your live’s path.

Ever want to ax your partners head for bullying ?

Ever want to cleave your partners head because of a to long to ‘weird’ negative behavior that made you very irritated angry and such?
There probably is a figure somewhere in a report how often that happens.

One partner makes the other their ‘mental controlled bitch’ and drive them to the edge. Not a jumping edge, but the edge they want to push the ‘terrorist partner’ over…

We see it on tv, or have seen it in the family, or at the neighbors.
Some people like to go on and on making others irritated to say the least.
Sometimes it ends in, after years, 30 knife stabs and such.

Heavy stuff, right?
So ask yourself, do you have periods of hours(days, weeks, months, years) where you might make your partner feel VERY negative about you?
STOP IT, it is bullying.
Especially women, even called in the Bible
(quick to shout, a pester in the home, big mouth and such)
are ‘experts at this’. They can even use doing the dishes into a battlefield over a made up topic to fight over.
At first most men don’t even fight back, thinking: ‘she’s weird, crazy!’ i do not have a fight, she is angry and fights for two.’
But nag enough and you will hit points. And the winner is….?

People can be so dumb and / or crazy…. I guess it gives them some kind of feeling-of-power. ‘Control’.
Most will not see they are completely idiots, and not only that but making enemy’s, but due to repetitions begin a divorce that kicks in years later…


Many people ‘better’ on sundays?

I just read a tweet from  that says

  1. Are Religious People Nicer On Sundays?

  2.  (me)


    People just are who they are, but yes they can act different and ‘better’ then normally after some ‘event’.

    I also have thought this, living in a semi-religious town. We have ‘hippies’, all kinds of religions/churches, atheists, and NO hate amongst one another about these things in our chosen lives.

    Well not like global, it sometimes happens, but seldom. Like a supermarket owner that also is a real estate ehhh well the business does not seems to be ‘fresh’. He is sometimes shouted at in a full restaurant, on the street, at the bridge-club and this also by other church ‘colleague’s

    Non the less, when people are free, out of there drag-rat-streetfight etc. race, more relaxt, filled with inspirational words, got hope and so on, yes they might act different.

    I for 1 hope it is THEM, and all other day’s “they are not them”, well not 100%

It is what it is, and how can you cope with that or help others cope?

“It” is what it is, or is it what it seems? and how we can help others cope?

Ways to help someone coping, while not being there with them.
Family , friends, colleagues, this is 1 way, 4 steps.

Listen to what they say.
Confirm most thats true, that you understand and if so even experienced yourself.
Try 1 time to tune something down, that it is less worse then it sounds, again, if really so and ‘can be proofed’ that i.e. one takes a 1 kilogram brick of drama and tells him/herself it weighs 10 kilograms.
If you encourage someone, that is for them and for some also for themselves(but in a good way i.m.o.)


Then remember them of the past and same kind of things, how they came out of that. Next : what will be? for lets say 50% of the days to come is what you make of them. The other 50% is what comes at you from the world around you.
We are all prepared for sorrow, pain, suffering, sadness etc. But we push it away, so again it can ‘suddenly attack’ us. So enjoy and think of good things planned.
Of good things period. And the bottom line i guess is: alternatives.
How can you make someone / yourself understand that doing your best is all there is.

Normal life is not a Navy Seal or SAS training, you do not have to experience the body can much more then you thought.
And remember, even most of these TOP-athletes do not make the cut, no more then 10% !! Even these are no mOre then all they can be.
And being that way, in top-condition, is not for ever.

Tried 1 way ? , not all that what you wanted?  try road b.
Play with the many, sometimes almost infinite ways and possibility’s. There are plenty ways to do things a bit different the next moment, not allways, but many times, most times.
And there is sometimes, 100% your own influence, what to do next, how, with who and who not etc.

PS: ‘You’ (We all (!) can not work harder then the next person. Government(Schools) and employers say that, but see this :  many try that,,,
in Japan, and it has it’s own word.
Karōshi dead through to hard/much work.

If everyone tries to work harder then the next guy, dead by work is a fact. (Might be in a short or (mid-) long term)
Every engineer can tell you, a good machine has all the ‘clockwork’ made with a, lets say 10%+ margin, and it has to operate, lets say 5%, beneath that margin.
Nature? the Gazelle has to run hard, the cheetah harDER, there is simply a limit both animals have.
Gazelles are maneuverable, cheetahs are VERY fast, but only for a sprint, a short time.
And their brain/body ‘listens’ to that, now is it it smart to use the brain to over-use, ‘self rape’, our body’s?